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The legal stuff

Just so that we're all clear on what's involved

Terms and Conditions

Upon placing an order with, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions as set out on this page. Please note that we wage the right to change the Terms and Conditions. Should these changes take place after you placed an order, the original Terms and Conditions at the time of placing the order will apply. A contract with our services will exist once has accepted your order. All prices listed on the website are subject to change. Should our prices change after you have placed an order, the price at the time of purchase will apply. Should any of our prices reduce and you have placed an order within 7 days of this action, we will happily refund you the difference.

Placing your order:
In order to compile your requested documentation, we will collect personal information. We will request this information via your current (albeit outdated) CV and will request any additional information via email. Once you have provided us with the information, chosen your template, and made payment, we will be able to commence with your CV. 


In the case where there is a minor amount of information missing, we will send you a working draft of the document where you will be able to add the information and send it back to us. We will ensure that your final draft is a ready-to-send document. If you are not satisfied with the document, you may request changes. We will rework the document for a total of 3 drafts (with the third draft being your final). If you are unsatisfied with your final draft, rework can be negotiated. Please note that changes regarding the information, font and colours will be allowed with the revision of your CV. If you are not satisfied with the template, an additional fee will be charged as most of the time and effort goes into adding your information to the chosen template. will take payment in advance in order to begin with your order. Payment should be made through EFT (all details will be on the invoice). Should you place an incorrect order, or decide that you want to add additional services to your order, we will change the quotation and arrange for any difference in cost to be settled.

If we find that we will fall outside of the agreed turnaround time of 3 - 5 business days for the first draft of your CV (either due to the complex nature of your information, or a lack of resources on our side), we will contact you to discuss this and agree any required actions. If you need documentation to be completed under the general turnaround time, we are willing to assist with an urgency fee added.


A rush fee is payable for those who need the first draft of their CV before the set turnaround time. The Rush Fee will start at R250. This is subject to change based on your requested turnaround time and the resources available at 

Once your order has been placed, we will request your CV and the necessary information to be sent via email. All official communication will take place via email. 
As soon as we receive your information (and payment has been confirmed), we will start working on the first draft and will make contact should we require additional information.

We will expect you to approve the working-document before we create the final version. We will send your final CV in MS Word and PDF. The documents will be sent to the email address provided when the order was placed. The PDF will be a ready-to-send document, and the Microsoft Word document will be a working document which you will be able to tailor to specific jobs, and amend as your career progresses.

Please note that we do not require any information regarding you CTC, and will therefore not request information pertaining to that. We recommend that you check your email (including the Junk or Span folders) on a regular basis as we cannot accept liability for where an order has been sent but perceived as not received. Once you have received your order, we will assume your order is complete unless you advise us that adjustments are required.

We will send you the first working draft of your CV within 3 - 5 working days of payment confirmation. Please note that the 3 - 5 working days will commence once payment has been confirmed and your previous CV has been sent to us. The first draft of your CV (and all subsequent versions) are subject to your response on requested information. 


In the event of a LinkedIn update, the the update will commence once the final draft of the CV has been completed, sent and approved. You will have the option of either allowing to update your LinkedIn profile on your behalf (by sharing your log-in details and thereby granting us access), or by requesting an update via email. should you choose to grant access to your LinkedIn account, it is your responsibility to share your log-in details and change it once we have completed the update. will not store or share the log-in details. Please note that the LinkedIn update is limited to updating the information on your profile, but will not include the "about" section. will also not take responsibility of branching out your network, or uploading documents. This will be your responsibility. 

We cannot accept any liability should you suffer any loss or damage from taking our advice. Our services are offered in good faith, and we complete our orders to the best of our knowledge.

In the event you have a complaint in relation to your order, please email us at confirm.

Privacy statement

This privacy statement describes your privacy rights regarding our collection, use, storage, sharing and protection of your personal information. It applies to the website, our social networking sites, and services delivered by us. The purpose of this privacy statement is to explain to our customers what type of information we will collect, and how this information will be used.

Confidentiality respect customer privacy. We undertake to protect the confidentiality of our customers and users, including all personal information supplied in the course of contracting with us for services. We will not share or distribute your personal information collected without your permission. We will also not share, distribute or sell your personal information to third parties for commercial or marketing purposes.

Personal Information
Any information collected by through correspondence with us will only be used to address the matters within that correspondence. If this requires referring such correspondence within or to a third party to ensure customer service, your personal information will only be disclosed to the point necessary to address your query or concerns, and will otherwise be kept confidential. Your email address may be used by us to send you important information regarding Other than that, we will not contact customers unless the correspondence is specifically requested, or service related.

Protection of your data has strict protocols that limit access to collected information. Only selected administrators have access to the database. The collected information is for the sole purpose of our services.

Reservations of Rights reserves the right to disclose information about customers where required in good faith, to do so by law, or to exercise our legal rights or defend ourselves against legal claims. We further reserve the right to share information with law enforcement to investigate or prevent illegal activities being committed over our network. We reserve our right to disclose your personal information where you have given us explicit legal written consent to do so.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to monitor used and network traffic for site security purposes, and prevent any unauthorised attempts to tamper with our site or cause damage to our property. We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy or update it. Where a major change is made, customers will be informed by email notification or through a notice on our website. Customers and site visitors bear the responsibility to ensure that they have read the changes or updates.

Contact us
We value your opinions and appreciate your comments. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy statement, please contact us by email at Thank you.

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